Updated! Grand Forks, ND northern lights

June 14, 2013
Updated!  Grand Forks, Nd Northern Lights

So I went out on Sunday night June 9th to get milky way shots.  I saw that there was going to be a new moon that night and wanted to have a try at it again.  I was by myself so I decided to hit the spot I was familiar with at Grand Forks Waterfowl Production area.  Its about 15 miles from the Air Force base and a decent distance from the city lights.  It was pitch black dark and I was riding out there thru patches of fog when I thought I saw lights out of my drivers side window.  I was shocked!  I went out for milky way shots and ended up getting the best northern light shots to date.  Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with astrophotography so this was a dream come true!!!  Here are a few pics and if you would like to see more of my astrophotography work please check out my page links here and here.

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