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This is such an exciting time for you and your growing family! It's so important to document it with a maternity session. And Charleston is the most gorgeous place to document your growing belly.

Maternity sessions are some of my favorite sessions. I love documenting this time and journey for moms. They usually last 30-90 minutes depending on which session package you choose and are best scheduled between 32-36 weeks. My son was born at 36 weeks so I definitely recommend the earlier part of that time frame.

I do have some beautiful gowns for you to wear or I have some moms that prefer finding their own gown. I love to be a part of this process because it really makes a difference in the overall look of the session to have the right clothing. I can't stress this enough.

I do know that some moms are apprehensive to get maternity photos taken, BUT it's so important to capture the joy of growing a baby and this time flies by so fast. I encourage you to have your husband and children participate as well. Let's capture those memories!

Be sure to contact me as soon as possible to secure availability on my calendar.

I will hold you in my heart until I can hold you in my arms.
- J.M. Barie

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When is the best time to book my maternity session?

As soon as possible! Maternity sessions are time sensitive so please don't want till the last minute. I hate turning clients away because I am booked.

What is the best time during my pregnancy to have the photos?

I suggest between 33-37 weeks.

Can my spouse and family be in the session also?

Yes! I love maternity and family sessions so there is nothing better than combining the two!

Do you offer maternity dresses to wear for the session?

I do have a growing collection of dresses but some clients choose to buy their own, and that's ok too! Whatever you decide, I like to be involved with helping you choose outfits. I also offer a service called Style and Select to help you choose clothing>

Maternity Photo Sessions

Please contact me for more details.
Also available for travel!

Packages starting at $475

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